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Sunday morning started with the hearty breakfast from Vienna House hotel that we had come to know and love during our first days in Romania. We then assembled in a timely manner on the bus for our 8 a.m. roll call before heading out for our morning concert at Annunciation Baptist Church (or Good News Baptist Church – the translation is ambiguous). This was an interesting concert for us, as the church building was acoustically dead, and our audience was the largest we had ever had by a considerable margin. These two factors forced us to sing with microphones and speakers, a novel experience for us as a choir. However, although we were somewhat uncomfortable with an array of mics aimed into our faces, everything seemed to go quite smoothly.

We gave our program in several installments, with breaks for congregational singing, preaching, a baby dedication, and a mission trip send-off; the church service stretched on for several hours, finally ending at 12:30. We were then treated to a bountiful Romanian lunch before we returned to the hotel for a Sunday afternoon nap.

We gave our final concert Sunday evening at Golgotha Baptist Church, the same church where we had practiced on our first full day in Romania. We had planned to have an hour for practice and preparation before people started arriving, but when we arrived at the church we found that it was locked and that the person with the key would not be arriving immediately. While we waited in the alley outside the church, we sang various songs that were not part of our repertoire.

Once we finally got into the church, we had only a short time left to figure out our standing arrangement for the evening and touch up some of the spots in our music that could still use improvement. Shortly before the program started, we gathered for our final pre-program devotional and prayer time. Then we found our places in the front of the church and presented our grand finale for this tour.

After the program, we went upstairs for supper. The pastor said, “We thought you’ve probably had plenty of cabbage rolls by now, so we decided to feed you something that is a little more familiar to you.” They then proceeded to carry in pizza, and then more pizza, and then even some more – twenty-five large pizzas in all. We cheered vigorously and then dug in.

We returned to Vienna House Hotel for our final night in Romania. We all gathered in a meeting room, where we had an official end-of-tour meeting. After that, we started with the unofficial end-of-tour partying, which consisted of games in the lobby or coffee and conversation in one of the rooms. (Twenty-some people in a hotel room gets crowded – we now know this from experience). Since we had to leave for the hotel at 4 a.m., some of the group decided that it was pointless to go to bed and simply stayed awake all night. And so ended our final day in Romania.

Tim Kauffman