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We were able to sleep in a bit on Wednesday morning since we didn’t need to be on the bus until about 10 a.m. Our final destination for the day was Cluj Napoca, the main city in the region. Our first stop of the day, however, was at the CAM medical distribution warehouse in Floresti, where Elena works. After a short tour here, the staff fed us a delicious, multiple-course Romanian meal. Elena had told us before our arrival that the cabbage rolls from this region were the best in Romania, and she proved to be completely correct, and our stomachs were stretched to their maximum extent when we left.

We had only a short drive from Floresti to Cluj, where we had the privilege of spending a part of our afternoon rehearsing with Ken Tucker. Mr. Tucker is an American musical genius who has dedicated his life and musical skills to ministering to the Romanian church. He was able to give us some suggestions for improving some parts of our repertoire and helped us to incorporate these things into our singing. We are grateful for his input and help.

Wednesday evening, we gave a program in Ken Tucker’s church. After the service, we dispersed to spend the night with host families from the church. For most of us, this was our first time in a Romanian home, and it produced some interesting experiences.

This was the last day of the tour for two important members of our entourage. Our bus driver, Mihai, who had skillfully navigated us through city streets, mountain switchbacks, and village alleys, left us to go on vacation in Greece. He was replaced by Abraham, who will be our driver for the rest of the tour.

While Mihai’s departure was planned, Elena’s was unexpected. She received the news that a dear friend in Ohio was on her deathbed, so had to abruptly change her plans and make preparations to fly across the ocean. We will never know all the work that Elena did behind the scenes to make this tour possible; we will miss her deeply, and we thank her for all that she has done.

Tim Kauffman