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Monday? Sure didn’t feel like it! We had breakfast at 9:30, by the vote of the majority. Then we all spun out in different directions. My group went to the shopping bazaar that reminded me pretty much of a mall, except it was kinda different. 🙂 And—oh the joys of the market! I loved that market. The prices warmed my heart and influence me to buy all manner of wares even though the communication with the Romanian vendors in jaunty hats and floppy skirts was mostly smiles and motions.

I don’t know what everyone else did except that Jess and Steven visited the barber shop by all appearances. Everyone was on their own for lunch. At 2:30-ish we bussed our way to this cool little ancient church. And I actually mean ancient. It was built way back in 1478 before Columbus landed on our native soil.

The dear priest that gave us our tour spoke English after a fashion. The important fact was he was a genuine priest very impassioned with the Orthodox church. We sang “Doamne” + “Leaning” inside the church. The unique style of architecture enhanced the sound.

We visited the site of Elena’s childhood home, although not house was there. Elena continues to be an inspiration to me.

We ended up at the CAM base where Sammy, Elena’s brother and Ellis “the riser man” talked to us about CAM’s work. They showed us several CAM presentations and then for supper! We dove into the grilled chicken and everything else that was on the table.

After all that food we played volleyball and made new friends or renewed old friendships with the genial missionaries/CAM workers. Talking with the people at CAM was an eye-opener. Those brave people with all their storybook experiences continue to challenge me and make me probe deeper into the motives of my own life.

A double rainbow graced the sky for a large percent of the evening. It was beautiful. Before we headed “home” we picked up our freshly; laundered uniforms and laundry which Daniela and Dorcas washed for us. We wished them stars in their crowns since it was no small undertaking.

Johnny and Ruth stayed there to help with their week of Bible school. It made me sad. Our loss is their gain, I guess. I feel privileged to have them with us as long as they were.

Ruth Elaine Hoover