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We got up bright and early this morning for our 7:30 breakfast. Our cooks at the Diaconia medical compound served delicious food – sausages, eggs, and the fresh tomatoes and cucumbers that we are having at virtually every meal. Elena gave us a brief tour of the compound before we boarded the bus and set out for Bosanci. 

We had a 6-hour drive to our destination, but we didn’t have much of a chance to get bored. Johnny and Elena each put their story-telling abilities to good use and one of our choir members gave us a good laugh by confessing what happened when he tried out his Romanian after our concert last evening. Our kind friends at the medical compound had sent food along for lunch, and we ate on the bus.

We checked in at our hotel, which is something of a different story from the places we were the last few nights. It got nicknamed “the Communist Hotel,” and with that information, you may imagine what you will. (I will simply say that the name fits.) However, we have beds and showers and if we go to the lobby we even have an internet connection, so we would be ungrateful to complain.  

Within 30 minutes we were back on the bus, headed to the First Pentecostal Church
in Bosanci. We had time to figure out a standing arrangement and do a bit of rehearsing before our 6:00 program. The program went well, generally speaking. Their choir sang a couple of songs, and the children’s choir sang a song as well. It’s amazing to hear them sing.

After the concert, they served us dinner. Our cook, they said, is the woman who usually cooks their wedding meals and we could definitely recommend her. Lunch was a long time ago and we were quite hungry by that time, so we did justice to her hearty meal. Jotham promised us all uniforms a size bigger for tomorrow, which feels like it could be an unfortunate necessity.

We were ready to call it a day when we got back to our hotel. Our good conductor reminded us that if we look at our itinerary we will see that this night is better to sleep than to party, and as far as I know, we all all heeded his admonitions.

Rose Anne Hoover