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Friday dawned bright and cheery. With it being our very first concert day, it was time to get down to business! We packed our bags, ate a delectable hotel breakfast, gathered in the lobby to sing our “Thank-you” song for the hotel staff, loaded the bus, and headed off to our next destination.

We traveled for around 3.5 hours with a couple of pit stops for bathroom breaks, snacks, and trampling through sunflower fields, etc. We arrived at the church complex in time to eat a wonderful lunch that had been prepared for us. (Ever had eggplant salad?)

Following lunch and a bit of rest, we headed into the actual sanctuary of the church for an afternoon of rehearsal. This Baptist Church was absolutely beautiful with a high dome ceiling and several levels of balconies. Needless to say, we were completely spoiled with incredible acoustics for our first concert!

Singing for Romanian people in their own language is SO much fun. After practicing for so long, it was definitely time to put our hard work to good use and minister through our music. Being our first concert, it was definitely not without its flaws, but it held a lot of meaning and we left feeling very blessed!

After gracefully inhaling our supper we took a walk down to the Danube River. A few of the Romanian youth from the church came with us, and despite a bit of a language barrier we were able to have a time of singing and worship down by the river.

Our itinerary had said that we would be sleeping in the church complex, which made some of us think we might be stretching out on church benches using our bags as pillows. Contrary to that assumption, the church complex was right beside a medical center which is where we were actually staying. The medical center was set up much like a hotel with a bunch of rooms that opened their doors into a family room type setting in the middle. It even a balcony overlooking the street! The majority of us were lodged in that building and the rest of us spent the night with lovely Romanian hosts and hostesses!

Alissa Myer