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At 8:20 a.m., we met once again at Legacy Christian School. This time our number was slightly larger, as we were joined by Jonny and Ruth Miller, Franklin’s parents, who will be traveling with us for the first week of tour. We were also met here by a large bus, into which we loaded our luggage and then our selves. We then officially started our travels; the first leg of the journey took us several hours north to the Detroit airport.
Upon arrival at the airport, we all rushed through check-in and security as quickly as possible. We were motivated, not by the a deadline imposed by the departure of our flight, but by the promise of Romanian candy bars for the first person who found certain decorative features in the airport. So, after going through security, most of us started wandering around the terminal, searching for the laminar flow fountain, the multi-colored tunnel, and the transport train. However, after several fruitless trips from one end of the terminal to the other, we finally gave up and went to various restaurants for lunch. We eventually found out that the features we were hunting were in the other terminal at the airport, and were therefore inaccessible to us; the whole search had been a mistake.
We finally boarded our flight around 3:30 p.m., and shortly thereafter took off for Frankfurt, Germany. The long flight was largely uneventful, but at some point we left July 3 and entered July 4, thus leaving the realm of this blog post and entering that of the next one.

Tim Kauffman