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8:50 A.M., July 2, 2018 – Twenty-six singers, one conductor, and one tour director assembled at Legacy Christian School in Sugarcreek, OH, for an intense day of practice before two weeks of traveling and singing in Romania. We came from Arkansas, Missouri, Ohio, Ontario, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. After hours of practicing alone and singing with sound files, we were finally coming together to put everything together. 

After exchanging cheery morning greetings, we launched into our warm-ups and soon buckled down to serious practice. What followed was an intense, exhausting day of unifying our tone, eliminating our flatted and sharped notes, cleaning up our entrances and endings, and generally improving our musicality as a group. Franklin, our good conductor, patiently and relentlessly pointed out errors and helped us to correct them, occasionally reminding us that he shouldn’t have to remind us of the things we should be doing but were neglecting. Jotham, the tour coordinator, would occasionally interrupt our practice to announce a break – sometimes with coffee and donuts (needless to say, his habit of making such announcements led us to anticipate and joyfully welcome the appearance of his smiling face). 🙂

After many hours of practice, 6:30 p.m. and supper finally arrived, and we were able to give our exhausted voices a cessation from their labors. After supper, we dispersed to do last minute shopping and laundry and packing in preparation for our trip. Then we went to bed (at least I’m assuming everyone did).


Tim Kauffman